Constant and Automatic Yield Generation

Vault is an autonomous yield generating, non-custodial BEP-20 token, that requires no staking, liquidity lock up and no gas fees to instantly claim rewards. When held in any (non-custodial) wallet, 4% of any transaction is automatically paid out to every VAULT holder any time a transaction occurs.

Community Focused Project

Our goal is to create a token in which investors are rewarded over time, all VAULT and future token airdrops are specifically for VAULT token holders only, with 23% of the total supply set aside. Tokens created by our developers will have a large quantity of their supply air dropped / distributed to VAULT token holders.

Hybrid Governance Token

VAULT Tokens also provide owners governance benefits, and can be used to vote on the direction of the token and the whole ecosystem. Proposals to be submitted by a committee comprised of community members (which will be voted in by the community) and the VAULT team. Beta client released (LINK).

Vault Trust:

The VAULT Trust will serve as the backbone to the whole ecosystem. The 0.3% transaction fee taken on every transaction by the Trust will be used to fund further developments as well as VAULT investments.
Please see our roadmap below for a full timeline on project releases.

Vault Investments

Vault Investments is a crypto asset investment group, which will utilize its profits to deliver additional income to VAULT token holders. Initial start up capital provided by team. Subsequent capital to be provided by the VAULT Trust. (More information here.)


Vaultfolio is a cryptocurrency portfolio webapp wihch currently displays all ERC20 and BEP20 token values (even new tokens that have just been listed on uni/pancakeswap). Beta release expected in Q3 2021. Alpha client released (LINK)..


Token Allocation

VAULT Trust Funds Allocation


Planned milestones for the vault ecosystem

Q1 2021 Contract Development

Finalization of Vault Smart Contract

Q1 2021 Vault Website Release

Q1 2021 Vault Contract Deployment

Deployment of Vault Contract and upload to https://bscscan.com/

Q1 2021 Private Sale

Q2 2021 Pancakeswap Listing

10 Apr 2021 VAULT Token Airdrop

10:00 UTC Snapshot taken. 500 Minimum VAULT amount.

Q2 2021 Hybrid Governance

Release of Hybrid Governance Voting System

Q2 2021 Vaultfolio Alpha
Q2 2021 Vault Investments Launch

Start of Vault Investments Group trading

Q2 2021 VAULT Token Airdrop
Q2/3 2021 Governance System Upgrades

Major upgrades to Hybrid Governance System

Q2/3 2021 Vaultfolio Beta

Q3 2021 VAULT Token Airdrop
Q1 2022 Vault Token Airdrop

Q2 2022 ERC20 Token release

ERC20 Token release and airdrop to current VAULT holders

Q2 2022 Vaultfolio Full Release

Q3 2022 Vault Token Airdrop

Our Team


What is VAULT?

VAULT is an autonomous yield generating, non-custodial BEP-20 token that will be the base token for the whole VAULT ecosystem. Utilizing RFI breakthroughs in frictionless yield generation, to power a whole ecosystem.

VAULT can only be bought for BNB on pancakeswap

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKtJ52-WYr8
#1. Go to pancakeswap.finance , connect your wallet when prompted, and then add the BSC Network (if you haven't already). or manually connnect on metamask
#2. Send BNB to your wallet.
#3. Use this link to buy VAULT with BNB.
#4. Set slippage to 4.5% (4.3% should work).
#5. Swap BNB for VAULT.

Full in depth guide on buying VAULT (includes metamask setup, sending BNB from Binance, sending BTC to Binance and more): LINK


VAULT has been audited by Techrate
A link to the audit can be found here.